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Pick the Perfect Gift for Her
Created By: Laj Kaur

Fella’s/Ladies it’s that time of the year that you have to start thinking about what the perfect gift will be to give to that special female in your life. Although they say diamonds are a girls best friends, that may not be the case, whether it’s because she’s not the jewelry type, or let’s face it, it may not fit your budget. But don’t fret, we will help you figure out other great options for that special someone. Here are some tips to figure out what to get:


  1. Pick up the hints: You may not have realized this but she probably has dropped you hints about what she needs. It can be masked by, “I really need to get this”, “I want this but maybe next paycheck”, or “Oh! I really like that”. All you have to do is pay attention and listen to what she’s saying. Trust us, the hints are there!
  2. Hobby-related: Does she play sports? Paint? Play an instrument? If she has a hobby, that is a great place to start! Here is where some research may be required, but it’s nothing that a few google searches can’t fix. Some new equipment, especially if her current equipment is looking a little beat up, will totally earn you some brownie points!
  3. The Socially Conscious: For the ladies that are more interested in helping the planet than getting something for themselves, considering donating to a good cause on their behalf. You can adopt an animal, a child, plant a tree, buy a goat, or some school supplies. There are great organizations out there like One Tree Planted, World Wildlife Fund, and Canadian Feed the Children to name a few. Find an organization that aligns with her passions and values and make a donation and make her and the planet that much happier!
  4. The Beauty Conscious: If your lady enjoys frequent trips to Sephora, then she may have made your life easier. Now we are not expecting you to go in and try to find the perfect shade of nude or the perfect highlighter, may we suggest a gift card. Here at Presibot we believe that giving a gift rather than a gift card is always better, however, this is an exception. Along with the gift card though, throw in a beauty blender or a mask face, you can’t really go wrong with that. If you still need help, the ladies at Sephora are more than willing to help you out!
  5. The Health Nut: The levels of the health nut vary but if your lady is health conscious then consider getting her some workout clothes or gear. She’s can be into yoga, running, rock climbing, or lifting, there is something there for everyone. Maybe consider getting her a new water bottle, one that will keep her water cold. Does she need a new fancy yoga mat, blocks, new workout gloves, a duffle bag? These may be something she will buy for herself but beat her to the punch and shows her you’re paying attention. 
  6. Music Buff: If she’s a huge fan of a particular artist, get tickets for their show! If there are no shows coming up, get a t-shirt of the artist or a saying from her favourite song. Or get her wall art by getting an album on vinyl and frame it. She would really appreciate noise canceling headphones so she can enjoy the music without distractions, trust us. 


Now your female friend may not fall into these categories but to our first point, pick up the hints. Look at what she’s into and start from there. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!